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Thanks for checking out my website! Here you will find more information about my books, view some selected artwork, and get all the details on my consulting services.

Take your time and wander around. If you have any questions or comments, check out my consulting/contact page and send me a message. I am always happy to hear from people.

My books "Finding Motivation" "What's My Motivation?" "Redstory" "Get Into Action!" and "Get Into Action! Volume 2" can be purchased from my site and from most online book stores including

Oh yeah! For a timely dose of motivational insights to get you through the day; check me out on Twitter @grifman.


D. Alexander Griffin

Looking for a Motivational Speaker, Consultant or MC for your event, business, school, etc.? D. Alexander Griffin specializes in inspiring adults and youth to never loose focus on working towards their dreams.


Daniel Alexander Griffin Jr, is the author of “What’s my Motivation?” A collection of motivational quotes that take you through the journey of; mental, attitudinal, physical and spiritual emotions. "Redstory," Daniel's first fiction novel which takes a look at the past, present and future through a RED lens. And his childrens book "Get Into Action!" (Volume 1 & 2) which are written and designed to aid in the fight against childhood obesity by encouraging children to get active.

D. Alexander Griffin

Author, Speaker, Consultant, Artist 

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