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My Motivation!

What's My Motivation!

By D. Alexander Griffin

A few words of motivation are all the soul needs sometimes to be rejuvenated. Sometimes life’s challenges can leave one feeling like there is no hope. Even if you have great intentions and a positive outlook on life, it’s easy to feel that you've been "worked over."

My book started as a collection of my favorite motivational quotes that I would often re-read when I was in need of a spirit-booster. I had originally planned to share this book of inspirational quotes with my immediate family. But as I was compiling these sayings I realized that we are all one people, one family. With this book I have a chance to inspire countless individuals. 

In this book I want to share with you motivational quotes and sayings that I have collected through reading, listening and seeking positive direction. Hopefully some of these words might help you get through a tough day, make you smile, and maybe change your perspective or outlook on life.


Motivation can basically be considered as your M.A.P.S. to navigate towards a fulfilling life. Think for a minute what M.A.P.S. actually do for you. They help you find things you couldn’t find yourself. They give you assurance about something your might already know. They get you out of jams that seem almost impossible to conquer. They give you the strength to start a quest and the confidence to finish it. They help you get where you need to be in life in a timely manner.

I believe that a gift of motivation is a gift of power


Looking for a Motivational Speaker, Consultant or MC for your event, business, school, etc.?

D. Alexander Griffin specializes in inspiring adults and youth to never loose focus on working towards their dreams. 

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