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is a journey that takes a look at history and tells a story of superior beings that live and have lived among us. Through the narrative of Alethea, she speaks of key moments in time were these special beings came to realize their power and the subsequent decisions that they made on how to use it.  

"The knowledge I bring will open your eyes to your existence in this world and what your destiny entails. You will look at yourself and everyone around you in a different light. There are things in life we have control over and things that will happen out of our control. For instance our destiny, we can run from it most of our lives but eventually we have to face it and embrace its direction.

The only thing I ask is for your full attention because there will be a time when you will have to retell this story for our people and provide them with enlightenment."



Out of the shadows emerged a figure moving with the speed of a gazelle and the agility of a panther. The figure closes in on one of the neighborhood houses. There is a faint light coming from the second floor window. Like a spider, the figure scales the south wall of the house and closes in on the small window. He slowly pushes the window open and steps into the semi-darkened room. As the window opens a figure appears out of the shadows. The clouds separate for a moment and as the moonlight shines into the window, the figure appears to be the silhouette of a man. He’s wearing a hat, tipped low over his forehead, and dressed in a perfectly tailored black suit. 


The driver had hit Oliver’s car again and was pushing it with his SUV. Oliver held on to the steering wheel and thought about calling the police but didn’t want to take his hands off the steering wheel. 

At that point Oliver took a survey of his surroundings. He started to panic because he was on a bridge and his car was getting dangerously close to the edge. His foot was on the break but the SUV behind him was more powerful and continued to push his car. It was inevitable that he was going to hit the edge of the bridge. There was a barrier but it didn’t look strong enough to stop his car from going over the side of bridge. Then it happened. His car was teetering over the side. Oliver’s mind was racing.

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Cameron and Nikhil are at a table in the back of a restaurant having a heated discussion.

“They are inferior in every way.” Nikhil exclaims to Cameron. “Why do you hold yourself back? Why do you pretend that you are average? So you don’t intimidate them? Your power is to be worshiped not subdued. You have known this since you were a child. You are better. They are not your equal.” 

Cameron was no stranger to controversial conversations with Nikhil. They have been discussing their place in society since they met in college. They had both openly struggled with how they thought their destiny would unfold.

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Then the unthinkable happened. The young woman lost her balance, slipped from the top of the railing, and fell five stories into the ocean. As Harris watched in horror as the young woman fell into the ocean, something came over him, something he had never experienced before in his life. He had a compelling urge to jump over the side after her.



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